Saturday, April 11, 2015

A busy Easter in Barcelona

We had a brilliant time in Barcelona this Easter, hitting the aquarium, the zoo and the beach, as well as Parc Guell (where we didn't get to see the mosaic lizard, much to Sofia's disappointment). Many of the attractions we visited just by bowling in when we first came to Barcelona in (ahem) 1999 are now the sort of thing you buy a timed ticket for online in advance, or queue around the block. Or perhaps that was just because it was Easter. 

Anyway, this holiday marked Will's transformation into a brave food warrior, which we are all very pleased about. He tried pimentos de padron and chorizo and salt and pepper baby squid, just to name a few of the delicacies on offer.

Lots more photos on flickr.  

Friday, February 13, 2015

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fabulous wedding ... very little sleep for the under-8s

So here are Fia and Will in their glad rags all ready for the wedding on Saturday. By a stroke of pure luck, they matched the bride perfectly and snatched a last-minute role in the wedding ceremony, as flower scatterers.

From Sofia's point of view, this was a dream come true. Here she is with her flower basket.

Then there was the actual scattering, some of which involved sprinting to keep in front of the bride and groom!

And here are 3 generations of Heath men. 

And finally all of us enjoying the company and the brilliant Irish sunshine.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Sports Day

So we had Sports Day - triumph and disaster in one day and let me just say we did not treat them just the same as per Rudyard Kipling's well-meaning advice.

To start the day, here is Will winning the 50m sprint. There are some other competitors but as you can see it didn't exactly come down to the wire. 

Then we had Fia in her sprint, where she finished a close 3rd as evidenced by this picture. Somehow the organisers neglected to give her her shiny '3rd' sticker, which I would have been in there complaining about vociferously if I'd realised at the time, as it was her only placing all day. I thought better of showing the teachers the photographic evidence, in the end...

Will went on to win his egg and spoon race, sack race and the team event bean bag shuffle - in fact, he was in four events and came away with 4 1sts, which was starting to look a bit like showing off. To Fia's credit, she was just pleased and proud of her brother - no sign of jealousy at all.

Unfortunately, Fia had a nasty fall in the sack race and the day went from bad to worse for her. There were tears and lots of them and we'd just recovered from that when she dropped her egg in the egg and spoon and it all began again. 

In other news, we are trying without success to catch the rat we saw on the patio last week. It has fancy imported American peanut butter in its trap but it doesn't seem to be tempted by it. As yet.