Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy 7th birthday Sofia

Our darling girl turned 7 this Wednesday and was showered liberally with gifts - thank you family!

 Here we have a rerun of Willy's football cake, which seems to be flavour of the month. (Really they just like the players - which are sour patch kids.) 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

December round up

This year we had our first Christmas tree in our house. It was also a month of many awards: Willy's ju jitsu grey belt, Sofia's level 5 gymnastics and a school certificate each for 'Exemplary behaviour' (yes, really, that's our William) and 'Tremendous effort and improvement'. We were particularly thrilled for Sofia who had desperately wanted a certificate and was sure she was never going to get one.

This month we are also faced with concrete evidence that the sleeping arrangements are getting out of control.
 Still at least it shows that the house is nice and warm. 
Last weekend we went to Bath and had a great time, buying Christmas decorations at the market and visiting the Roman Baths which everyone enjoyed. The dedicated kids audioguides are a great idea. 

We also went to see 'Frozen' (too much singing for everyone except Sofia) and had a first bash at ice skating. Willy came off the ice cold and wet and saying he was never ice skating again, but we went at Ally Pally again this morning (better prepared in waterproof trousers this time) and he got on much better. Sofia of course is convinced she is an expert as she can get around without help. 

The loft is kind of finished and yet not finished - needs annoying things doing like siliconing around the bath and fixing the insane inner layout of the wardrobes and then of course decorating, which we have to look forward to in January. 

Happy Christmas everyone! We will be at home with our rotisseried poulet de Bresse and a buche de noel from Uncle Paul. 

Monday, December 09, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The loft - end of day 2

Got this pic by email from Jules, about the same time as a text from our neighbour complaining of debris falling on his conservatory. As Jules said, there's no going back now...

This picture also gives a good view of our WW2 bunker on the far left outside the kitchen (open door). 

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Our very first Halloween

photo, originally uploaded by Racmol.

This year we went trick or treating with some friends down in the Queens Park Estate (a series of roads with lots of identical small terraced cottages - very pretty).

Lots of people had pumpkins out front and plenty had even decorated their front windows or in some cases the entire front of their houses.

The kids were beyond excited - this is the least blurry photo I could find as they were all jumping about crazily before we went and I only had my phone with me.

Up till that night, I'd always been a halloween sceptic. Knock on strangers' doors and get sweets? What could go wrong? But when I saw how many kind and lovely people came to the door and fussed over the kids I changed my mind pretty quickly.

We finally got home about 8 o'clock which felt like midnight as it had been dark for hours and I just poured the kids into bed, not a sugar tantrum in sight.

So of course, now we have to do it all again next year and Sofia's being a mummy this time.

Speaking of which, our day out with the mummies worked really well. There's enough bling about the sarcophagi to impress even the smallest kids and plenty of x-rays of skeletons and weird mummified animals. 40 minutes max though I would say.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

'Arf-term acroBATics

So it's half term this week and we're keeping ourselves amused. (All right, I was utterly exhausted this afternoon after the zoo and we're only on day 2.)

Still the Pygmy hippos seem to be having a nice time in the tigers' old area - the tigers having moved to the swanky new tiger territory. 

And here's a lovely shot of a cold London day spent mingling with the meerkats. Actually it was quite sunny but it's a nice gloomy effect when you take a photo through a sheet of Perspex. 

Now I thought I'd done well and I'd have two exhausted kids when we got home (walk,bus, tube, more walking) but I opened the front door and Will says 'can we play rugby?' And Sofia says 'I want to carve the pumpkin!'

 Feeling revived now after wine and cheese courtesy of Jules. British Museum tomorrow in search of a real mummy or two. They are going to be so disappointed cos they're expecting something out of Scooby Doo...